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You may email Dewayne at ([email protected]) Updated 2-15-05 '84 - The End (Customer Service - SAT).After OZA stayed with TWA working ramp in STL, MSP, SEA, OMA until 1990. '67 - '86 (Customer Service - ORD, MSP, BNA, MKE and STL). Moved to Seattle with TWA & anxiously awaiting retiremnt in a few years. You may email David at ([email protected]) '79 - The End (District Sales Manager - ORD).

You may email Don at ([email protected]) (Updated 10-17-06) '76 - The End (Flight Attendant - STL).

You may email Ken at ([email protected]) '61 - The End (Customer Service - UIN, BRL and MCI). After TWA formed Allison Carpentry then retired at that in '04.

Now retired and live in BRL, I have 3 children and 8 grankids who keep me busy.

Halpenny Update 8-9-10 Eileen Van Steenwyk Update 7-27-10 John Leahy Update 7-27-10 Donald Hillery Update 7-27-10 Bill Jackson Update 7-27-10 Jerry Hoffman Update 7-27-10 Donna Roberts (Warren) Update 7-27-10 Patrick Towey Update 7-5-10 Barbara (Callier) Wells Update 6-25-10 Gene Norman Update 6-24-10 Debra Burmester Update 6-14-10 Connie Istwan Update 5-21-10 Steve Ray Update 5-21-10 Norm Pataky Update 5-8-10 Rick Charlton Update 4-25-10 Lana (Cook) Sloan Update 4-17-10 Joe Bynum Update 3-30-10 Sherry Pleger (Weiss) Update 3-20-10 P. (Sam) Young Update 3-16-10 Rodney Walden Update 3-5-10 Lowell Parker Update 2-24-10 Harvey Jacobson Update 2-13-10 Joe Reichart Update 2-6-10 Terrie Mead Update 2-4-10 Paul Bartelt Update 2-4-10 Betsy Birdsall-Davis Update 2-4-10 Ken Hoff Update 2-4-10 Chuck Poelein Update 2-4-10 Rick Balint Update 2-4-10 Arlene Robinson (Marshall) Update 1-29-10 Denise Medland New E-mail and update 1-26-10 Anita Reiter New E-mail and update 1-26-10 Sue (Petrovic) Spedale Update 1-23-10 Jim Cooper New E-mail 12-28-09 Dick Urbatch New E-mail 12-08-09 Paul Mc Cool Update 11-27-09 Richard Meek Update 11-14-09 Rodger Manecke Update 11-8-09 Daniel Siewak Update 11-8-09 Carolyn Hosp Update 10-12-09 Richard Lorence Update 10-12-09 Michael (Mac) Mc Bride Update 10-12-09 Joseph Puers Update 9-28-09 Fred Moore Update 9-24-09 John Mc Carthy Update 9-18-09 David Richardson Update 9-18-09 Rick Jennings Update 9-12-09 Willie Pajunen Update 9-12-09 Larry Fuegner Update 9-4-09 Rich Roberts Update 9-3-09 Rod Chana Update 9-3-09 Pete Mc Cue Update 8-25-09 Salvadore Christifulli Update 8-21-09 Sharon Balboa Update 8-15-09 Larry Fredette Update 8-15-09 Bob Oppermann Update 8-15-09 Kevin Warrenton Update 8-12-09 Beckie Fields (Hayden) Update 8-12-09 Terri Washburn Update and new email 8-12-09 Gary Feilmeier Update 8-8-09 Gene Norman Update 8-8-09 Patty Atkins Update 8-7-09 '76 - The End (Customer Service - OGO). Having fun chasing the grand children to their activities.

After OZA stayed with TWA - Coordinating international menus, then on to AA (commuting between STL and DFW - in DFW during the week and STL on most weekend). You may email Steve at ([email protected]) Updated 10-8-06 '62 - The End (Customer Service - RFD / STL, Dispatch - OMO). Working part time for a Toyota dealership shuttling customers, delivering parts, paperwork, and all around gofer.

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