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Even standing still his slumped posture gave the impression of an accident just waiting to happen. My last owner had perished in what was considered suspicious circumstances, and I was sold along with the rest of his possessions.""That was lucky.""Disagreement: My creator's chosen mate once observed that such astronomical odds could only be overcome by the will of the Force.

However, Revan's eye for talent was not destroyed along with his memories.

Even if it's not, we need to come up with something better to keep it secret. "Come on, we need to get the ship ready," I said in English. He turned to his new droid and said, "Come on Artoo."We left the impotent guard captain and the inept Gungan on the landing pad and made our way to the cockpit. But giving stupid explanations to cover up modified memories was a recipe for disaster.I opened my mouth to continue the conversation, when a sharp retort echoed through the ship, followed by an anguished, animalistic howl that started loud but descended in volume quickly. "Anyone who ignores the first warning the second."Anakin looked horrified. Hutts have a penchant for eating live insectoid, aquatic and amphibious meatbags."I lit the engines up.It sounded rather like someone screaming in pain while being hurled through the air away from the ship. "That is a very good idea," I said with a nod of approval. There was some confusion at the other end of the comm, based on the way we flew off in an unexpected direction.I opened the hatch and began magically filling the ship's cargo hold with water.I'd transfigured some of the detritus in the ship into large but basic containers and filled them with water via switching spells.

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