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Now, thanks to lessons I've had drilled into me, I reckon I'd at least be able to keep someone alive while an ambulance arrived and that's one of the great values of surf clubs - the knowledge you learn is vastly practical, as evidenced by the fact SLSA members save more lives away from the beach than they do on the sand.

Surf clubs also connect you with older and younger generations and you quickly realise how your example can inspire kids as much as the craggy old diggers heading out to swim the bay inspire you.

This was confirmed later in the day as I talked to one of my female fellow clubbies who called Australia's surf life saving movement the "great untapped resource for single men." "There's eight guys for every girl, they're fit and you get to check out the goods when they're in their Speedos; what more could you want?

To add to the success of meeting women, you get to talk to them one-on-one and the first things you learn are how to say your name, where you live, if you are married/have a partner etc.I just drove through Central Michigan’s campus and asked these dudes if they went to Central they said yes I said oh ya then what’s 20x18 they said “fuck western” I said dang you rlly do go to CMU…y’all realize net neutrality is more than just getting charged for social media, right? *lights a candle next to their shrine of Jordan Belfort* Also, people have completely forgot how to date. Movies dinner musesums etc The guy you like the most is who you continue dating & potentially things go further with him . Don’t let any relationship you’re involved in to be one sided. It’s about FCC and internet providers restricting access to information and controlling exactly what you can and can’t see, what you can and can’t do. You could be dating 4 men & not sleeping with them. SIS REMINDER : If they want to talk to u, they will. Restricting our freedom on here entirely STEM MAJOR: ARTS MAJOR: BUSINESS MAJOR: i just FINESSED a coffee at the library.

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  1. To do this, all you have to do is make the prospective date know that you are willing to be asked out. the end, you can blame your lack of dates on anyone that you wish, but what it basically comes down to is you. Take a good look at the faces of your potential dates.