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The bill is part of a wider campaign to "end demand" for paid sex, a campaign that rises from one particular side of the local sex-work debate—the side occupied by Satterberg and his view that "99 percent" of sex workers are forced, coerced, frauded, or unfairly primed for the trade.

'm assuming he didn't cite where that research came from?

"And so it really can be a fine line to walk to say, 'No, I am empowered, I am making choices, and not only am I making choices, but these choices have been the best decisions I have made in my life.'" No one actually knows how many people like Mary are in Seattle.In her 30s, after discovering a community of sex-based spiritual healers, Mary came to sex work.Hers is not the stereotypical street-based prostitution horror story, but she's far from the only person with a story like this.Most of the 1 percent who choose prostitution are privileged because of their ethnicity and class and they have escape options." The rest of the piece discusses how prostitution ought to be considered an inherent form of gender-based violence, and how liberals who acknowledge the existence of consensual sex work effectively deny the existence of sex trafficking.This is one of the many constricting binaries of the current sex-work debate in Olympia: Either you're with the anti-trafficking movement or you're pro-gender-based violence.

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