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I was in the closet and waiting for when I could be away from all the other students to really dive in. But you’re saying it’s all about doing the prep work. Are they more of a crutch if you can’t take the dick? But if it’s someone I have a deep connection with, I don’t need it, because I already trust that person. I can’t believe I’m talking to you.” I told him I was interested in doing porn. I used to have sex in cars, or under a bridge by a highway in Virginia. I knew some of them already but when they met me in person they were like, “Hmmmm, okay, fill out the application. That’s interesting because people see you and think, “Oh my god, how can this small kid take these enormous dicks. I was living in Norfolk, Virginia for four years, then after that I was gonna re-enlist, but they told me that I had to stay in Virginia for three more years. I was like, “Oh my god I grew up watching you online. I contacted Shane again and said, “Alright, let’s give it another go.” Then I went to The Hookies and ran into some of the Raging Stallion directors and some other porn stars.When Peter Parker was a teenager, a radioactive spider bit him and imbued him with superpowers: the ability to climb buildings, shoot webs from his wrists, and sense when danger was approaching. When Armond Rizzo was a teenager, he got fucked by a 12-inch cock and was given the rather incredible ability to take the monster dicks of performers like Rocco Steele and Cutler X. No, I’m from Aurora, Illinois, but I normally say Chicago, because most people don’t even know where Aurora is. Instead of going for a smaller dick I dived onto the biggest dick. You weren’t born with a god-given ability to just walk in a room and sit on them. Being an athlete and being able to control my breathing has helped me a lot. I know that when I’m struggling, all I have to do is take a deep breath, control my breathing, focus and relax, and once I do that, it’s showtime. More like, when I don’t have a connection with my partner in that scene, I kinda need a little something else to help me relax. We would love to work with you.” I filled it out online and within 24 hours I had a email with my flight and itinerary and everything. And you’re suddenly in the big leagues with the big stars over there. I was worried I would be starstruck, but yeah that’s how it all started.He became one of the most-talked about porn stars in recent memory. But if I tell it to people who are from there, they’re always like, “You’re from Aurora.” Is there a different accent or temperament about Aurora? Even my teachers, when they saw my last name and they looked at me, they said, “Oh you’re going to be just like your brothers.” For me it was a constant fight to prove that I was different, I’m not them and I’m not going to make the same mistakes they did. I was shooting for Bruno Bond, and my first scene partner was Landon Conrad. I thank Bruno, and Steve Cruz and Landon for teaching me the ropes and being cool with me. So during your time in the military you were having sex in cars and under bridges?To get started click post personal ad, enter your ad (include a photo for best results), review your ad then submit it.

But later on they realized that he only cared about himself and nobody else. They started apologizing for not seeing things earlier. My coming out to my brothers and being able to open up to them brought us closer together. I tell them all the time that they’re the brothers I always wanted. I read my Twitter feed and read their touching comments and the art they create and it really helps me to heal and become a better person and love myself. ___________________________ Adam Baran is a filmmaker, blogger, former online editor of Butt Magazine and co-curator of Queer/Art/Film.

This person was there for me through my parents’ divorce and really empowered and motivated me a lot. That’s why I was able to take it, which led to me now being able to handle such monster dicks. A little painful, but it was softened by the connection. Once I did, I took a picture and video and sent it to him and said, “I’m ready.” The following week when it happened, I had already prepared myself. I moved back to my mom’s place, and I was online chatting on Jack’d and I ended up talking to Shane Frost. Take some selfies and we’ll get started.” Sure enough, he sent my photos to everybody, and Randy Blue called back and I did a solo jack off scene with them. I needed money so I went to culinary school briefly, but it wasn’t for me.

You kind of lose yourself in those moments during sex when you have a close connection with somebody. Once you can do that, I’ll see if you can take the real thing.” So while my parents were sleeping, I was in my own room, playing with my hole, trying to get this big thing inside of me.

I said, “I want to try and take it.” He said, “Nope, I’m gonna give you a dildo that’s the same size as my dick, and I want you to record it when you can take the whole thing.

That period was much more fun and hot and I definitely think of that sometimes to. You learn how to direct yourself from the directors. I’m still pretty upset about it, but he walked away.

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