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They spend most of their time just hiding,” Denton said.

Furthermore, they have fragile skin that prevents insertion of any kind of tracking device.

Though it’s much more original vision than homage, shares Ozu’s knack for making a small space feel mysteriously capacious.

That might double as a description of the town where the movie takes place and which gives it its name: not Columbus, Ohio, but Columbus, Indiana.

Inevitably, these discontented souls knocking around a small town in summer end up bumping into each other. She deduces from their conversation that he must be the son of the visiting scholar, and they soon find themselves caught up in an intense but hard-to-define relationship: not sexual or romantic but emotionally intimate and at times confrontational.

She drops by his hotel to offer a tour of her favorite buildings; as she waxes lyrical about one structure’s aesthetic qualities, he challenges her to drop the museum-docent patter and describe what the place means to .

To shed light on the mystery, the researchers looked at genetic diversity and endurance in two types of mole salamanders (part of the genus.) One type is all-female and reproduces by cloning and sometimes borrowing sperm that males leave behind on twigs and leaves. The “sexual” salamanders walked on the treadmill an average of four times longer before reaching fatigue than their all-female counterparts.

Denton and his colleagues measured fatigue as the point where the salamander didn’t “right” itself within a few seconds when removed from the treadmill and placed on its back.

, the superb debut feature from the popular video essayist Kogonada.

Prompting a salamander to walk on a miniature treadmill isn’t much of a challenge, Denton said.

A small pinch of the tail or poke in the behind, and they’re off at a slow, steady pace.

The site of important public architecture by such modernist titans as Eero Saarinen, Richard Meier, and I. Pei, this middle-American city is a place where nondescript strip malls suddenly give on to unexpected vistas of sleek futurist geometry: a suspension bridge whose cables rise up steeply to meet in a tentlike web; a slender brick column topped with an asymmetrically placed clock; an all-glass bank building that floats above the ground on slender pillars and glows like an alien shipping container from a not-unfriendly planet.

Columbus is also a world mecca for architecture tourism, which seems to have been the draw for the first two people we encounter there: a well-known Korean American architecture scholar (the actor playing him goes uncredited, perhaps because he’s only glimpsed at oblique angles and never speaks a line) and his protégée, apparent business manager, and possibly former lover (Parker Posey).

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Animal travel for breeding is a complex area of research, he said.

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