Ivillage single mom and dating

Lissa would go to almost any lengths not to have sex with her husband.

Only 37 per cent said there was nothing else they would rather do than make love to their husbands and 55 per cent admitted they sometimes have sex out of 'marital obligation'.

But it wasn't anything to do with loving him any less.

I can't ever imagine being with anyone else - I simply have no desire for sex. I do feel sad when I think how much our relationship has changed in that respect.' But what causes this sudden decline in libido? There's an awful lot of juggling going on: jobs, children, housework, friends - to say nothing of the now obligatory 'me-time'.

The reason they don't vocalise their fears is often because they feel rejected.

Lissa concurs: 'I think Andrew sensed I was just approaching sex as doing my wifely duties - my heart wasn't in it. 'I suppose thinking about it from his point of view, he probably felt rejected.

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The idea that sex drive wanes for a woman after she has had children would certainly seem to make biological and evolutionary sense.

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