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Perverted-Justice volunteers build profiles identified as underage individuals on social networking websites, and enter chat rooms as decoys.They set up adults to message or email the decoy and begin a dialogue.Then, Dateline crew members with large cameras and microphones reveal themselves, and the person is offered a chance to make a final statement before being asked to leave.The first two investigations did not include law enforcement officers on site, and individuals caught in the sting were allowed to leave voluntarily, though Dateline would provide all video and transcripts to law enforcement and suspects would eventually be arrested.

The first in the series aired in November 2004 as a Dateline NBC segment called Dangerous Web.

If the conversation turns sexual in nature (the content in question initiated by the adult), the decoy will not discourage this, nor outright encourage it.

This also can help the Perverted-Justice team in collecting incriminating evidence against the alleged offender.

The third installment of the series was a two-hour special aired in February 2006.

The operation was located at a house on Riverboat Drive in Riverside, California and was the first done in cooperation with local law enforcement officials.

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Arrests are sometimes made in a dramatic fashion by multiple officers who, with Taser drawn, ambush the suspect and command him to lie face-down on the ground before being handcuffed.

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