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Actually, that scenario is a bit of a stretch - my husband is opposed to the permit system. But let’s pretend that my husband put aside his anti-permit thing so that we could live inside the Green Line together.

Had we done that, we would have sent her to a secular daycare, no questions asked. When we arrived, I thought that I might find my brand of secular Judaism at the local Jewish Community Center. There was no JCC in the small, Southern town where I’d grown up (the KKK, on the other hand, was active).

Why have we traded thousands of years of history and culture to base our identity, instead, on a piece of land? I didn’t want her internalizing the labels and feeling the guilt or shame common to religious people of all the Abrahamic faiths.

And why, I wondered, is there more space in Israel for dissent than there is in the American Jewish community? I was uncomfortable with how black and white it all was, I was uncomfortable with the moralizing.

Expecting to find a warm, laidback place with a bulletin board - like a kibbutz dining hall - and worried that I’d lose my Hebrew while living in America, I headed to the local JCC with a handwritten flier: Below that was my brand-new American number.Passing his identity on to our daughter means that he speaks Arabic and only Arabic with her, and that we eat a lot of Arab food.And soon after our daughter was born, my husband gave up pork - a nod, however small, to his Muslim roots., but a big deal in south Florida where, thanks to the Latin influence, we’re surrounded by pig products.It wasn’t what I was looking for but I’d put on some weight during the 2014 summer war and, I told myself, it’s like getting a personal trainer for next to nothing.After kickboxing one day, I was chatting with an elderly man, a physician who ran a group practice.

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And yet, here I am, cringing when I hear Yiddish pronunciations and wincing at religion, and yes, nostalgic for a certain kind of Israeliness.

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