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Emily has a slightly roundish oval face with full lips and deep set hooded eyes.Her dark brown hair, which is usually worn down, compliments her olive complexion.At the service, Hanna offers her hip flask to the other girls, and they share the fact that they have all received messages from "A." Jenna Marshall arrives, led by Toby Cavanaugh, to their utter shock and also Jessica's surprise.

The next day, a funeral service is held in Rosewood's local church.

The show begins with footage of the night Alison Di Laurentis disappeared.

Alison, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were having a sleepover in Spencer's barn.

In the meantime, the formerly chubby, gawky Hanna, has become the new Queen Bee, alongside formerly nerdy sidekick Mona, who has had a glam makeover of her own.

In English class, Emily picks up on the weirdness between Mr. Emily discusses Aria's return home with her own mother, Pam, who is clearly judgmental and controlling as a mother, as she makes a comment about the pink streak Aria used to sport in her hair and no less, the fact that her mother used to let her "walk around like that." Emily is then sent by her mother to bring a gift basket to the St.

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