Excel application screenupdating false not working

Microsoft do not acknowledge that this problem exists, and there is no documentation on it whatsoever. Dim w As Workbooks Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application. Open Filename:="\server\Price List.xlsx", Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True 'this is the data file were going to be opening Active Window. By doing it this way though you will not get prompted to save changes back to the Excel file your reading from.The problem with both i Devlop's and Ashok's answers is that the fundamental problem is an Excel design flaw (apparently) in which the Open method fails to respect the Application. Consequently, setting it to False is of no benefit to this problem. This is great if the Excel file your reading from is intended as a data source for validation.Without some kind of a limitation the macro subroutines would take a very long time cycling through 16384 rows in XL95, or 65536 rows in XL97 and later. Row If i Rows Switch selected cells from "lastname, firstnames" to "firstnames lastnames" based on having a comma in position 2 or higher.The limitation can be corrected better (come back in a year). Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub Lastname() can be used to rearrange cells so that lastname appears first in cells in selected range. If there is a comma in a cell, the cell will be left alone; otherwise, the cell will be recomposed with the word after the last space first followed by a comma, and the first names. Sub Lastname() 'David Mc Ritchie 1999-04-09 ' cells in range in as Lastname, firstnames '--Application. This code is shorter and more efficient than the lastname macro because it was written later. Sub First Name() 'David Mc Ritchie 2000-03-23 programming ' Application. Calculation = xl Manual Dim cell As Range Dim c Pos As Long For Each cell In Selection.The cells to the right of the first column will be verified as empty or containing only spaces. Screen Updating = False End Sub A worksheet function solution maintaining two columns, one with the original data and one with the rearrangement.Sub Join() 'David Mc Ritchie 1998-08-05 [Ctrl j] documented in ' cells in selected portion of a row together 'can be used as a reversal of Data/Test2cols or Sep Term() Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual On Error Resume Next Dim i Rows as Long, m Row as Long, ir as Long, ic as Long i Rows = Selection. You could, of course, eliminate the dependence with copy, the Edit, paste special, values and then eliminate the original column. Clear Contents Dim obj Outlook_Approver As Object Dim Obj NS_Approver As Object On Error Resume Next Set obj Outlook_Approver = Create Object("Outlook.

Canadian zip codes are unaffected because they are not numeric.

All of the macros can work with a selection involving multiple rows and columns. Screen Updating = False 'On Error Resume Next i Rows = Selection. Special Cells(xl Constants, xl Text Values) c Pos = In Str(1, cell, ",") If c Pos 1 Then origcell = cell. Value = Trim(Mid(cell, c Pos 1)) & " " _ & Trim(Left(cell, c Pos - 1)) End If Next cell Application.

In Sep Term selection of a single or multiple columns is the same. Row If m Row 0 Then newcell = newcell & " " & trimmed Selection. Calculation = xl Automatic 'xl Calculation Automatic Application.

Get Namespace("MAPI") semail_Approver = Obj NS_Approver.

Application") Set Obj NS_Approver = obj Outlook_Approver.

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In excel, hide the workbooks, and save them as hidden. Edit: upon re-reading, it became clear that these workbooks are not part of your application.

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