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(I could not get the whole number underneath the tape because unfortunately when I removed the tape it took off some of the serial number below it it). I informed the seller and he responded that he never even noticed; i believe he said he got the guitar that way. I rank these guitars on the whole as mediocre Japanese guitars.This is a boldstatement, I know, but when you compare these guitars to early Greco, Tokai and Aria Pro II clones, they just come up a little short in the mojo and vibedepartment.

The standards to which these were held to were so conforming that I found most ofthese instruments to be carbon copies of Gibsons and also of themselves. This was not the case for Greco, Tokaiand Aria Pro II...I will look this up after work today, expect an answer early this evening....Regards, kcbuck There is no Epiphone "Les Paul Limited Edition" listed in the Blue Book.Don't get me wrong, Orvilles are great guitars, and I found them all to be made much better than their USA counterparts, but they all lacked the unique feel andplayability that has earned Greco, Tokai and Aria Pro II their growing stellar reputations.And also, don't judge an Orville by whether it has "by Gibson" on theheadstock or not.

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This contradicts what information is accepted, so if you have one like this, let me know.

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