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CURTIS: Within 30 seconds of my first flight in a small plane when I was 15, I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

I fly our Sea King helicopter in support of maritime operations along Canada’s coastline and on tactical missions overseas. For example, the Sea King doesn’t even have an auto-pilot.

JANJUA: The missions of Canada’s military pilots are as varied as the airframes we fly.

The Air Force provides a myriad of support to the rest of the Canadian Forces.

For me, it was just really difficult not to want to be a fighter pilot.

When you’re 8,9,10 years old, you know and a fast jet rips by at 250 feet and 500 knots, it’s pretty easy to get excited about.

BALDASARO: Then you’ll head to Manitoba for your primary flight training where you’ll train on sophisticated aircraft like this Grobe.

That’s followed by basic and advanced flight training in Saskatchewan or Manitoba for a total of about 8 months on various modern aircraft.

It can be support to the Army via tactical aviation with Griffon helicopters. Our role as a fighter force is we conduct primarily air defence for Canada and for NORAD.BALDASARO: My dream of flight led me to Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, but you don’t have to be an RMC grad to fly with us.What you do need are good vision, good physical condition and the ability to, as we like to say, “Be smart fast”.JANJUA: You don’t have to already be a licensed pilot or even a university graduate to join our flying crews.The Forces will take care of all your training on the ground and in the air.

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JANJUA: Not everyone will start out in the cockpit of a fighter jet, but everyone who earns his or her wings shares the same pride.

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