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The Senate convened and passed laws in the curia, a large building on the grounds of the Roman Forum. E., Rome had conquered vast territories, and the powerful senators sent armies, negotiated terms of treaties, and had total control over the financial matters of the Republic. Sulla had hundreds of senators murdered, increased the Senate's membership to 600, and installed many nonpatricians as senators. E., the Senate became weakened under strong emperors who often forcefully coerced this ruling body.Much later, Julius Caesar built a larger curia for an expanded Senate. Senatorial control was eventually challenged by Dictator Sulla around 82 B. Julius Caesar raised the number to 900 (it was reduced after his assassination). Although it survived until the fall of Rome, the Roman Senate had become merely a ceremonial body of wealthy, intelligent men with no power to rule.Some citizens were not allowed to vote or hold public office, but maintained the other rights.A third type of citizen could vote and practive commerce, but could not hold office or marry freeborn women. E., non-Roman allies of the Republic gained the rights of citizenship, and by 212 C.Occasionally, an emergency situation (such as a war) arose that required the decisive leadership of one individual.

The Roman Senate The history of the Roman Senate goes as far back as the history of Rome itself.The best example of an ideal dictator was a Roman citizen named Cincinnatus.During a severe military emergency, the Roman Senate called Cincinnatus from his farm to serve as dictator and to lead the Roman army.In the late Republic, male slaves who were granted their freedom could become full citizens. E, under the Edict of Caracalla, all free people of the Roman Empire could become citizens.The aristocracy (wealthy class) dominated the early Roman Republic.

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Senators were, for centuries, strictly from the patrician class.

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