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The reality of this opportunity did not set in until I was finally up on the decks getting ready to hit the play button…After struggling for a few years to obtain my US visa, sharing this moment with the White Ocean family on the first night of my first Burn was surreal.That, in turn, will rotate a set of complex gears which will ultimately rotate the Man, framed by a giant wooden circle and suspended 50 feet in the air.

Burning Man organizers made the decision to rotate the Man to an upright position and lock it in place to allow participants access to Man pavilion beginning Wednesday morning.” Deep inside a dark tractor trailer in the middle of North America’s most remote piece of desert earlier this month, a doomed Man lay strapped down, waiting to be taken outside, mounted and spun around for all to see, and eventually be burned in front of hordes of screaming, ecstatic people.Johnstone has no doubts: “I think if Da Vinci was around, he’d be a Burner.He’d have his own camp, and he’d be hassling Burning Man for” an artist’s grant.Garrett, who died was a mentor to Johnstone, died in 2011.Suffice it to say that at an event where the bar is raised year after year on the scope and scale of art projects, the Man base has been no exception.

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"I have no words to explain the mix of feelings and emotions I felt when I received the invitation to play at White Ocean.

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