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Mr Blair has denied any involvement in mediation in the dispute.

In March, Mr Blair also hired Anand Pillai, an Oxford graduate who had been an adviser to Rio Tinto in Mongolia, as an adviser to Tony Blair Associates.

People who have no other interest in running switch on the television and settle down at home with their new year mochi (rice cakes).

The race is Japan's biggest annual sporting event, with spectators lining the length of the course, and a huge national TV audience share comparable to that of the Super Bowl in the US and greater than the FA Cup Final often gets.

Mr Blair’s latest recruitment of two experienced mining executives – one the chief executive of a gold mining company and the other an adviser to Rio Tinto, one of the world largest mining conglomerates – casts a further light on his enterprises.

Ari Seth Untracht, a keen amateur boxer, is the latest addition to Tony Blair Associates.

Because they're all too busy focusing on their own, even more demanding, endurance event The clock has only just struck 7am on 2 January, a national holiday, but already the streets of central Tokyo are humming as thousands of people negotiate for position alongside the empty roads. University bands and cheerleading squads stomp and yell, the male cheerleaders waving their arms in what looks like some form of exaggerated semaphore.

The Telegraph has previously disclosed his work as an official adviser, paid millions of pounds by the Mongolian government, which was in dispute with the mining conglomerate Rio Tinto over the Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper mine in the southern Gobi desert.

He was then recruited by a mining company in Sierra Leone as its chief executive before returning to work for Mr Blair again in London.

Mr Blair has set up an effective trading floor at his headquarters in Grosvenor Square in central London, headed up by David Lyon, an investment banker, formerly at Barclays.

One was awarded in March 2009 and the others in January 2011.

None of the mines is yet thought to be commercially productive and local disquiet has been expressed over lack of progress in creating jobs and wealth in the areas concerned.

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