Arch linux driver sr needs updating

Consider yourself fortunate it hasn't happened to you yet.It has for me, multiple times, and thus I can't recommend it for non-experts. I'm trying to install linux on an old macbook pro, but the dual-gpu frustrates me.That's why I argued that beginners should choose something stable like Ubuntu ... Did anyone ever try to install Arch Linux on a Mac? I can get it running with the nvidia driver, which consumes power and generates a lot of heat, but when I remove the nvidia drivers to force it to use the internal intel GPU, the nvidia card remains powered.Bumblebee/Primus doesn't work in any of the distros I tried: Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu. I assume you've read the official guide: Su...If you are lucky, the software maintainer is hosting a ppa from where you can install it.

If you want to deepen your Linux skills at debugging and repair, or just deepen your knowledge, there's no better distribution.After that I decided no more gratuitous kernel upgrades, and switched to something more stable.I agree that the old versions of some of the software available in the 'static' distros is annoying, but it's easily overcome by installing from source, using vendor repos or the cutting edge releases available in repos such as Debian's backports.But I always recommend Antergos Linux for newcomers, because it is an Arch Linux based distro. In Ubuntu the software is usually around one whole year behind the current version.Because the maintainers want the software to be tested and not buggy as new versions are often.

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