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Surely it should be rivalling Oxford and Cambridge since the local population must be large enough, as well as being close enough to London, to justify an airport catering for the smaller end of the bizjet market?

Still, I received another pleasant welcome and full access which resulted in a nice log, although the engineering hangar was all closed up unfortunately. I thought I'd budgeted more than enough time at three hours, yet it took me all of this and I was just rushing around the airframes, I wasn't bothering with the gazillion other exhibits and features!

This time though, a four-day "marathon" was in store, hence the title!

I called into Sibson next and found a very friendly airfield here, they're very relaxed and I was given the freedom to walk across the airfield to the various hangars.

I'd booked a week off work with the intention of going on a lads holiday as me and my mates had missed out during the summer for various reasons, so when this plan fell through for a second time, I decided I would have one of my semi-regular jaunts to London.

These trips are evolving nicely, they started out as 13-hour day trips before I discovered the miracle of Travelodge where upon they became night-stoppers.

I then went to spotters row for what I anticipated as being a good few hours, but after just 30 minutes I was rained off so headed to my hotel for the night.

Strange that London Executive Aviation have their main operation and headquarters here, I thought there would be better equipped airports more suited to their needs.

I'd made up a lot of time by the time I reached North Weald, but I lost it all driving around endlessly trying to find the entrance to the place!

If you go for the full experience - which you should - you'll need a good five hours here.

Not the smartest move planning a visit on the first day of half term, I had a 20 minute queue to get in at the start and another 20 minute queue to get a well-earned bite to eat at the end!

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This airfield has me beat, it has the advantage of a hard runway yet trails significantly behind it's smaller neighbour.

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